Water 2 Wine is your neighborhood winery. Bring a friend, sit down, and relax as we guide you through our extensive wine menu. Enjoy our wine by the bottle or glass, or make a batch of a wine you love, with your own custom-designed labels.

Frequently Asked Questions

The original Water 2 Wine Custom Winery was opened in 2003 in San Antonio, Texas, by John McFadden. In 2005, the corporate headquarters was officially established in north Austin. Over the years, Water 2 Wine has continued to expand its franchising operations across the country with current locations in Texas, Colorado, and Wisconsin. Water 2 Wine sources its grapes from about 100 vineyards in 14 countries. The variety allows the business to make a multitude of different wines, including African shirazes, high-end cabernets and old-vine zinfandels. The shop also offers ports and ice wines.

Larry and Barb VanHoveln were introduced to the Water 2 Wine franchise by their son and daughter-in-law (who had visited the Water 2 Wine winery in Round Rock, TX). Larry was ready for a career change after 2 years in R&D, 11 years in steel, and 25 years in plastics, and loved the idea of a small-batch custom winery. In 2011, he and Barb set out with a labor of love to open the first Water 2 Wine winery east of the Mississippi, and opened their store in Brookfield in May of 2012. 

Since our early days, our staff has grown, along with the family-like relationship we have with our customers. Come visit us in Brookfield at The Plaza shopping center and see how much fun we have.

Praise for Water 2 Wine:

“My experience was wonderful. The above-and-beyond customer service was just Larry being himself. In these days of most businesses not understanding customer service, this business knows it and it just comes naturally. How refreshing is that!”


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