Advanced Wine Tasting Class

Our wine tasting classes are designed to make you a more informed consumer of wine. Whether you’re looking for a basic introduction, or want to delve deeper into the subtleties of fine wine, we’ve got just the class for you!

Wine & Food Pairing

This class will take you forward to learn the nuances of the wine, i.e. body, acidity and tannin. We then demonstrate how these characteristics of wine compare and contrast to several different food types. When complete, you will be able to determine what wine to serve with the meal you plan to prepare, or learn to choose what meal to prepare with the wine you have in your cellar.

The class will run for about 90 minutes. You will taste 5 different wines and pair/contrast them with several different food types.

Wine & Food Pairing Class is available by appointment only.

Cost is $45 per person,or $75 for a couple.

If you’re new to wine, check out our Introduction to Wine Tasting Class.