Wine by the Batch

CarboysBecome a Vintner!
Sample wines from our menu, pick your favorite and become involved in the wine-making process. You get to participate in the initial mixing of the grape must, and other ingredients, and then pitch the yeast to get the fermentation process started. Our wine-making team will then take over for the remainder of the production of your batch. In 6-8 weeks, you set up an appointment to come back and bottle your wine. You then fill the bottles, insert the corks, place the foils and then label the wine with your custom-made labels. Share the fun and invite family or friends to your bottling party.

Wine by the batch costs $219-$459 depending on the varietal, plus $40 for foils, bottles, labels, and corks. This yields a cost of $7.30-16.39 per bottle, a 30-35% savings.