Recipe: Merlot Dessert Sauce

Who doesn’t love dessert? And wine? And wine-enhanced dessert? Sweet, thick, syrupy, and a gorgeous plum color, this dessert sauce adds a little something special to your favorite ice cream or angel food cake. It’s also delicious poured over fruit or as a topping for meringue. It’s so versatile and so yummy. It stores well, so you can make a big batch and keep it in the fridge for your next sweets craving.  Continue reading

Recipe: Piedmont King Risotto with Baby Bellas

Piedmont King adds a deep, savory flavor to this vegetarian-friendly side dish, peidmont king risotto water 2 wine brookfield wicomplemented by tangy, salty Parmigiano Reggiano. Though somewhat time-consuming, risotto’s creamy, comforting texture makes it the perfect accompaniment to a hearty fall roast or simple baked chicken. Pictured here with steamed broccoli and Italian- seasoned chicken breast with black olive paste from Oilerie. Continue reading

Wine of the Month: Sonoma Pinot Noir

December’s Wine of the Month is the award-winning* Sonoma Pinot Noir from our Estate Series. Silky tannins carrying notes of truffle, toast, herbs, gorgeous cassis, black cherry and raspberry flavors and black spice make this a lush, food friendly wine. Medium-bodied with medium oak and balanced acidity, it compliments a variety of meat dishes, including smoky grilled meats, salmon, and barbequed chicken.

*Silver, 2010 Finger Lakes International Wine Competition

American Wines for the Great American Feast

american wines for thanksgiving from water 2 wineThanksgiving is upon us, and with it, mounds of turkey and ham, buttery mashed potatoes, classic green bean casserole, 8 kinds of pie (if you’re a dessert-loving family like ours), and the age-old question, “What wine do I drink with my turkey dinner?” Fear not, for Water 2 Wine is here to help.

The easiest answer, of course, is “Drink the wine you love!” But of course, there are some that think that answer is way too simple.  Muscato with salad? Spicy Shiraz with sweet potatoes? Port with ham? We think those are great, but if you’re looking to find the perfect pairing that enhances both the wine and the food, look to the simple rule we follow:

If it grows together, it goes together.

Continue reading

Wine of the Month: Riverina Shiraz

Water 2 Wine’s Riverina Shiraz, from the Darlington Point area of Australia, is a dry, full-bodied, spicy red. The up-front aromatics reflect typical dark fruit notes of blackberry, cherry, and plum, complimented by restrained black pepper which becomes more pronounced with age. In the background, subtle layers of toast and vanilla from the oak. Tannins are in gentle harmony with the overall impression and create a well defined yet delicate frame for the wine.

This wine is great with big, bold meals that can stand up to its power. Try it with steak, braised lamb shanks, pizza, chili con carne, or pasta with spicy tomato sauce.



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