Friday Fave: Crio Bru

Chocolate is life. Am I right?

I mean, wine is great, but you can’t just pour a glass whenever you feel like it.

Chocolate, like American Express, is accepted “everywhere you want to be.” Work, the gym, your daughter’s ballet practice. No one cares. It’s the universal feel-good food.

When I recently found out about a brewed chocolate called Crio Bru, I knew I had to try it.

crio bru brewed chocolate and cookies

…with chocolate chip cookies, of course.


Crio Bru is basically cocoa beans roasted and ground like coffee. You brew it in a regular drip coffee maker (or French press or percolator) and drink it like coffee.

crio bru ground cocoa beans

Health benefits of Crio Bru include beingĀ “high in antioxidants, theobromine, magnesium and a host of other vitamins, amino acids and minerals.” It’s also caffeine-free, which is a huge plus for when you want something rich and hot in the evening but it’s too late for coffee.

When my first bag of Crio Bru came yesterday, I ignored the directions and made a demitasse cup of it using my espresso machine. It was good, but not very flavorful. I think the beans, since they come pre-ground, are too coarse to brew correctly in the short time espresso takes.

Today, I made it in my French Press, and I LOVE it. It’s dark and chocolaty, but nice and smooth. I added a pinch of salt to cut acidity and splash of cream to enhance creaminess, and it was perfect.

crio bru brewed chocolate

It’s so lovely


Bottom Line: Crio Bru isn’t something that I see replacing coffee in my future. I just love coffee too much. But, I definitely see this being an afternoon pickup I could get used to!



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