Friday Faves: Vino Slush

Hot summer days call for a cool treat. Vino Slush wine slushy mix is an amazingly simple and fresh way to enjoy your favorite wine.

vino slush wine slushy


Vino Slush is unique in that it doesn’t cover the flavor of your wine; it just enhances it. Pick your favorite wine, blend it up, and you have a unique wine slushy drink all your own.

I’ve made these slushies using both the freezer method and the blender method, and they’re both great. I personally like the freezer method because it’s less messy, but the blender is great for when you want a slushy in a hurry.


We’ve been carrying Vino Slush in-store for several summers, and it’s consistently a hot item with rave reviews. If you’re not lucky enough to live near us, order it by sending an email to our ordering department.